A Simpler Way to Grow Your Practice

Humura therapy is a solution that takes a modern approach to the mental healthcare interactions that were traditionally in person or manual, offering a more integrated, digital, instant, frictionless experience for mental health care services.
This type of digital mental health approach strategy empowers patients to access information, support, and even care right from the palm of their hand.

We aim to provide more easy, reliable, convenient, and accessible services to clients, throughout the entire mental healthcare journey, at every single touch point from accredited,professional, qualified and experienced team of counselors, psychologists, psychiatrists, therapists, nurses and doctors.
In the telehealth era, Humura Therapy aims to diminish the mental health treatment gap and to improve access to high-quality mental health services globally
We make it easy for you to do what you do best – help people – so that you can steadily gain recognition for your genuine expertise.

Here’s How It Works
  • Create a Free Profile
  • Set up a profile with your basic information: your name, contact information, experience, a profile picture and your bio.

  • Answer Questions
  • Browse through questions that users in your area are most interested in, and answer the ones that move you. Your answers are shown on the HumuraTherapy homepage, and get found by users through search.

  • Get Recognized
  • The more questions you answer well, the more visible you become.
    Great answers get up-voted by our users, and Top Contributors are featured on our homepage.

Why Join Humura Therapy?
  • Because It Puts You In Front of Your Ideal Clients
  • You can stop stressing out about how to find clients in your niche because HumuraTherapy brings local users to you. When a user resonates with your answer, they’ll seek you out.

  • Because You Get to Be Yourself
  • Instead of feeling like a sleazy salesperson, you’re spreading the word about your services by presenting your honest, caring perspective.
    Answering questions on HumuraTherapy builds your practice organically.

  • Because Everyone Else ISN’T Doing It
  • And that’s a good thing! We’re revolutionizing the way therapy seekers and therapists connect. Thousands of therapists put all their marketing eggs into the "behemoth directory site" basket, but you can be different.
    We’re building a community of modern therapists who are curious about bringing the profession into the 21st Century. We’re looking for people who are passionate about breaking down barriers to access - like shame and stigma - and making a bigger impact in the world of Mental Health.

Can’t find a question?

Humura Therapy offers a way for therapy-seekers who cannot afford session fees find their perfect therapist while keeping complete anonymity.