How do I get over a relationship/situationship

so I got into something I wouldn't call a relationship with someone, we often acted like we were dating but we practically were not because he didn't ask me out. I love this guy but he doesn't but I feel like I can confide in him....i always tell him each and everything about my day and things like that even when he made it clear that he didn't want to go on with this

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Hello, it must be tough to love someone who does not seem to reciprocate the same feelings.. Letting go of the idea that he is the right mate for you can also be challenging especially since you say he is a person you can confide in. One thing you can appreciate is his honesty about how he feela, this could be hurtful at the moment but in the long term, it will help you be more open to the idea that you are worthy of love and another person who will feel the same way will come your way. This is because when we have our mind fixed onto a person as the ideal mate, it might blind us from seeing other potential mates and this is good if one is in a mutual loving relationship to avoid infidelity but harmful for a one sided relationship. For now, get other people like trusted friends to share with your day, if you dont have any , i suggest you get a diary or journal and write about it, you will be surprised how this changes your view about why you need this situationship. Just a reminder, you are worthy of being loved fully. Answered by  Maclean Praise

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