How do I handle stress and anxiety?

I have been out of a job for th easy two years and literally been surviving miraculously yet I have family needs, rent to pay and personal financial challenges. I have been trying to brake up but I feel I am in a pickle right now and do it any more. I have even developed severe daily headaches that I survive on pain killers. What do I do?

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I'm truly sorry to hear about the challenges you've been facing. It's understandable that being out of work for an extended period, coupled with the responsibilities of supporting a family, can be incredibly stressful. This stress can manifest in various ways, including physical symptoms like severe headaches. It's important to recognize that your feelings and experiences are valid, and seeking support is a courageous and necessary step. It might be beneficial to start by addressing your headaches with a healthcare provider, as they can help determine if there's an underlying medical issue and offer relief strategies.

In addition to seeking medical advice,A therapist or counselor can work with you to navigate these overwhelming feelings and develop coping strategies as well as assisting in identifying practical steps to manage your current situation, such as creating a structured job search plan, exploring community resources for financial assistance, or even considering temporary work opportunities. Remember, reaching out for help is not a sign of weakness but a proactive step toward regaining control and finding a path forward. You're not alone in this journey, and support is available to help you through these challenging times.

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